Strengthen your memory and anchor your knowledge.

Wooflash is a web platform based on artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Our flashcards, quizzes, and adaptive learning pathways will help you improve your memory, revise efficiently, and get better exam results.

“The learning methods generally used by students have proven to be very ineffective. Active methods should be favored instead.”

Steve Masson


Professor of neuroeducation at the University of Quebec in Montreal and author of the book "Activate your neurons for better learning and teaching".

“Wooflash is efficient, simple and fun! I can't do without it anymore.”

Baptiste Trin


Student in engineering school

“Wooflash has enabled me to help my peers improve their regular learning.”

Paul Nibaudeau


Student in psychology at the University of Paris Cité

Why use wooflash ?

Strengthen your long-term memory

Methods developed by researchers, questionnaires, tests, and advice to improve your long-term memory.

Learn through artificial intelligence

An adaptive learning path to help you revise and prepare for your exams as effectively as possible.

Revise alone or as a group

Revise alone or with a study group, and exchange cards.

Revise more effectively thanks to cognitive science

Create your own flashcards as part of a questionnaire, and share them with your friends.

Revise courses shared by the teacher.

Track your progress in real-time.

Adaptive learning. A personalised course

Wooflash uses artificial intelligence to tailor your learning path to your level, based on your mistakes and correct answers.

Memorise more effectively and prepare for your exams with the anchoring method

Our engineers have developed a spaced repetition algorithm to train your long-term memory, ensuring that you learn effectively so that you are ready when you need to be.

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