Start your pilot phase

Enter the first phase of our pedagogical partnership by allowing your institution’s teachers to test Wooflash as part of a trial period! We will support you throughout the entire project and provide the necessary resources and training to increase the impact of teaching on student learning with Wooflash.


A pilot phase with Wooflash is...

A testing period of one semester

Free of cost and commitment

An unlimited number of accounts for teachers and students

Working with a tool that is GDPR-compliant and is integrated into your Virtual Learning Environment with our Moodle plug-in

Choosing an innovative platform combining artificial intelligence and cognitive science to have a significant impact on teaching practices

Customised assistance

For learning technologists

A dedicated Account manager will guide you step by step, from getting started on Wooflash to sharing it with the teachers and the students. They will share quantitative information on your institution’s use of Wooflash and help you gather qualitative feedback from your teaching staff.

For teachers and students

We provide a set of readily available resources, including a dedicated training webinar, tutorials on different types of questions and features, and our help centre.

  • With Wooflash, teachers have access to Learning Analytics which allow them to monitor their students on an individual or global basis. They can thus adjust their teaching strategies in order to offer more personalised teaching.
  • As for the students, they can create content alone or with others in order to appropriate their courses in an efficient way and to anchor the knowledge durably thanks to the Microlearning and the spaced repetition proposed by the Wooflash algorithm.

For an informed decision

The pilot phase allows you to evaluate Wooflash and measure the teachers’ interest for the tool. We will provide you with their feedback so you can make an informed choice based on your needs and the results of the pilot.